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Bandito Espresso

Bandito Espresso is all about good food and even better coffee. We are convinced that organic and fair trade products really make a difference, both from an ethical and a quality perspective.


Organising a special event or festival?
Bandito Espresso will come to you in their get-away espresso cart, complete with cold drinks and fresh food.


Our location in the City Centre is Maastrichts best kept secret,
with a lovely quiet garden and cozy common room.


Get away from the hustle and bustle of Randwyck
and hide at the Bandito Brains Unlimited Espresso Corner,
also a great location for meetings and receptions.

Have a look behind the scenes and enjoy the barista perspective

At Bandito we often do things different, here are some examples.

Overdose your espresso

We overdose every single shot of espresso. It might be a bit messy but this way we can fit the most coffee into your espresso.

Vintage espresso machines

We work with vintage machines that are operated manually. That way we insure the barista’s fullest attention, shot after shot.

Bandito Espresso beans

We have our very own bandito espresso blend, roasted fresh every week and also available in smaller packages to take home.

Did you know

that disposable cups are more sustainable than porselain? Whatever you prefer, we offer both disposables and porselain.

Our own coffee syrups

We couldn’t find organic coffee syrups so we started to make them ourselves. We are particularly fond of our unique saffran syrup.


Bandito food and drinks
at your own location?

You want to enjoy Bandito with a bigger group or at your own location?

You can host your event at both our Bandito locations or we simply come to you with great vegetarian organic food and drinks.


Check out our facebook page for our most recent news and updates

Contact us

City Centre

Faculty of Arts & Science

Grote Gracht 90-92
6211 SZ Maastricht

Open: weekdays from 8.15-16.00
Exam weeks: 10.00-14.00
Closed during the Christmas, carnival & summer holidays


Brains Unlimited

Oxfordlaan 55
6229 EV Maastricht

Open: weekdays from 8.15-16.00
Closed during the Christmas, carnival & summer holidays

Bandito Espresso

We are a small business, run by the people that own it. When we are at the bar we dedicate all our attention to our food, coffees and guests, that is why we don’t have a phone number. If you want to contact us, please send us an email. After hours we take all the time to answer your questions.