Bandito Randwyck

At the Brightlands Building on the Oxfordlaan, education, science, start up businesses and great coffee come together in one building.

In the main hall you can find the Bandito Espresso corner, fitted with an original Faema E61 Espresso machine and stocked full with our famous goodies. It is a tiny corner which can get a bit messy at peak times, while the Banditos run around to grill panini, serve soup, squeeze oranges and pull espresso shots all at the same time. Come and have a seat at the big tables or take your drink outside to lounge underneath the giant trees in front of the building. We have lots of comfortable seating and Boekhandel Gadet supplies us with daily newspapers and interesting international magazines.

Do you have a meeting or a presentation? Know that Bandito Espresso is located right next to a state of the art Auditorium and that Brightlands rents out its inspiring meeting rooms. Combine this with coffee and catering from Bandito Espresso and you have the perfect ingredients for a very fruitful day.

Bandito Espresso Randwyck
Oxfordlaan 55, 6229 EV Maastricht

Opening Times
Mo-Fri: 8.15-16.00
July & August: 10.00-14.00
Closed during the Christmas & Carnival holidays