Tijdlijnfoto's Together with the fasos sustainability team we are fighting the Maastricht housing crisis one hotel at a time. Anyone looking for accommodation?
Tijdlijnfoto's at fasos today: silver lining carrot cake for 2 euro only!
Our Fasos Bar will opened on several saturdays the upcoming period. So looking for that after party-pre-hungover-shot, a place to take your parents or enjoy a quiet study spot? Come stay with us at Bandito Fasos!
March 30: pre exam ...
One day we will be on the front page of the NY Times, untill then you'll find us in the Observant. #supermodels
We start the summer season with a bang this year; the next 10 days Stefan will be in charge of Bandito Randwyck. So come between 10 and 14 o clock and enjoy a coffee or one of his famous soups ...
Foto's uit het bericht van Bandito Espresso Today is the last regular day at Bandito Randwyck, tomorrow we start the summer-season with limited times and a limited menu. So come enjoy Bandito to the fullest while you still can.
Foto's uit het bericht van Bandito Espresso This week the summer season starts at Randwyck. From this friday until the 24th of August Bandito Randwyck:
- is open from 10.00-14.00 o' clock
- will serve a daily soup and a special from 12.00 o' clock
- will ...
Foto's uit het bericht van Bandito Espresso Our Fasos bar is closed until the 24th of August but our Randwyck location is open all summer! Come enjoy a coffee from Stefan, who will be running the Randwyck show while all the Banditos are off elsewhere.
Foto's uit het bericht van Bandito Espresso Summer is near so remember our special summer times!
Fasos closes after this Friday for the summer, until then we are open between 10 and 14 o clock.
At Randwyck the summer season starts on Friday the 22nd of June. ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes, gifts, kisses, cards and all the other ways in which you congratulated us on our birthday. We had a lovely day and really enjoyed welcoming so many of you.
Tijdlijnfoto's From this monday Randwyck will open an hour earlier. So forget about daylight savings and simply come early for a rise and shine coffee.
New opening times: 8.15-16.00 o' clock
Tijdlijnfoto's Who is going to be our 2000th like?
Tijdlijnfoto's This week you can find us at the Millerntor Gallery in the Decorfabriek. Come join us, it promises to be an amazing event!
Tijdlijnfoto's No more need for tears. Only one more week and our FASoS location opens again after a ridiculously long summer holiday. Come by and tell us all about your adventures. Are you graduating next week? Make sure to come by, ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Who needs holidays when there's cheesecake? Be quick before we eat it all ourselves.
Bandito Espresso is bij Bandito Espresso.
de Volkskrant A coffee a day keeps the doctor away. Not only do coffee drinkers live longer, they lower their risk of getting diabetes, coronary & heart diseases and more. So be healthy, stay healthy and come to Bandito for your daily ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Remember, from next week on our Randwyck location is only open from 10.00-14.00 o'clock. Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late!
Tijdlijnfoto's This year our Bandito location in Randwyck will stay open the whole summer.

Between the 3rd of July and the 1st of September we will be open from 10.00-14.00 for coffees, soups, panini and daily specials. We will not serve ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Bandito Espresso FASoS is closed for the summer holidays but don't worry, our Randwyck location stays open all summer!

FASoS opens again on the 28th of August
Randwyck will be open from 10.00-14.00 between the 3rd of July and the ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Good luck with those exams and papers! And remember that fasos closes early this week. Make sure to come by before 14.00.
Bandito Espresso is bij Bandito Espresso.

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